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April 17, 2010 Entry

Two things a very good friend of mine, Clearance Wallace thought up and wrote about 59 percent of the second part of my first fan-fic. “Favorites” which is now renamed to “Turned” thanks to Clearance, which seems fit because he turned the story around. I think you will like the second part of the fic […]

Law & Order, SVU, & LOCI – Nobody is Leaving? reports: S. Epatha Merkerson may not be leaving “Law & Order” so fast. Chris Meloni is now saying he’s staying with “Law & Order: SVU.” Jeff Goldblum and Saffron Burrows are not getting along thus Kathryn Erbe might be brought back around Episode 5. What’s going on with Law & Order?

Tomorrow – Law & Order: Criminal Intent – “Loyalty” (Part 2) on USA Network

Like the title says tomorrow night is the second part of the 9th season premiere episode named, “Loyalty“: we get to see all the dramacy of Goren/Eames leaving in which I will do with them. If they stayed, I’d watch Goldblum’s episodes but LOCI is not LOCI anymore (It hasn’t been since the NBC days, […]

February 20, 2010 & March 20 Entry’s at FF.Net

My February 20th Entry at My name is Josh Morton, male, over 18, tall, White, red-head, and that’s all I’m telling you about me. Right now I want talk about the future here. I’m right now focused on writing fan-fictions for “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” only; I may frequently do crossovers with the […]