Tomorrow – Law & Order: Criminal Intent – “Loyalty” (Part 2) on USA Network

Like the title says tomorrow night is the second part of the 9th season premiere episode named, “Loyalty“: we get to see all the dramacy of Goren/Eames leaving in which I will do with them. If they stayed, I’d watch Goldblum’s episodes but LOCI is not LOCI anymore (It hasn’t been since the NBC days, IMO).

LOCI April 13th will be = The Jeff Goldblum Hour

As you all know that I will be writing the fanfiction for Goren/Eames episodes in September (some Nichols/Stevens double parings).

IF word gets out by May/June that LOCI might be canceled I will tackle on writing for both teams in September. After what I’ll call episodes 10.1 – 10.4 (The first four fics are a 4-part saga).

If Goren/Eames return the fan fics will halt production – I doubt they will come back to the cast without MAJOR $$$$$!

The second part of the premiere Tomorrow night at 10PM (9PM Central) on USA Network.


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