April 17, 2010 Entry

Two things a very good friend of mine, Clearance Wallace thought up and wrote about 59 percent of the second part of my first fan-fic. “Favorites” which is now renamed to “Turned” thanks to Clearance, which seems fit because he turned the story around. I think you will like the second part of the fic more so than the first. It gets personal this season… one detective almost gets killed and two other key people in the fic put their jobs on the line to keep the three other detectives jobs off the thin ice. The Chief of Detective’s changed from the bald one on LOCI to the elder one on SVU.

My friend Clearance Wallace turned “Turned” into a 4-part saga on April 2, 2010 which took on the name “Goodnight”. We took out two fics for the next writing season if we finish this first on successfully. Some fics that we have not attempted yet were moved around and renamed.

On April 12, 2010 I started a new fic first named “Wet” now “Treasure” I have it scheduled to be the 5th posted fan-fic. After the two-part “Goodnight” which is basically “Turned” (Parts 3 & 4).

I’ll give some insight on “Treasure”, it’s basically a mixed re-write of Law & Order: CI episodes, “Albatross”, “Depths”, “All In”, and “Loyalty”; without the death of the main characters. The fic title should give even more insight on what it will be about.

This will be updated again in May 2010. And as always, “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” is owned by Dick Wolf and NBC (who should have full ownership of the series), I own nothing but the fanfics and the computer that types them up.

I need D’Onofrio and Erbe to come back to the show; I miss them and watching LOCI! I will fulfill everyone’s promise in September 2010.


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