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A Promo for Law & Order: CI fanfiction?

Folks, it’s proof positive stuff like this can be done! The internet can be a powerful and useful thing – if you’re using it for the right thing. I asked an EricBMaxwell of YouTube create this promo for me and out of intrest in writing a fic we came to a deal. He created the […]

Fanfictions Update

A lot of stuff to talk about so I’ll start with what you wanna hear: About the fanfics: Due to the recent cancellation of “Law & Order” my listing has dropped from 24 to 22 to 13 stories. If I feel a few more can be done I’ll do them but for now you’ll have […]

Law & Order: Criminal Intent is Canceled (Confirmed)–salem-say-goodbye-to-these-tv-shows Well, I don’t have to say anymore. Read between the lines. I guess the fake fan release promted the real one.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent – Cancellation Confirmed?! I think we can kiss CI goodbye now.  It was a false statement sent out Saturday afternoon but one came out this morning so if Futon posts it, it’s gotta be true. Right? I gotta say, this version sounds like it’s the real version. Than the version that was spewed by the fans. I […]

May 15, 2010 Entry

Well the whole story, “Turned” (Parts 1 & 2), I finished on April 27, 2010 and I rescreened it and I think like any great movie you will like this fic because that’s what it’s like… it starts off slow and you’ll really enjoy it… I think you will. I write three stories at a […]

Law & Order – Canceled?

NO!!!!!!! NOT LAW & ORDER!  These are rumored specualted that NBC has posted NO OFFICIAL scoop on this! What’s true and what’s not?