May 15, 2010 Entry

Well the whole story, “Turned” (Parts 1 & 2), I finished on April 27, 2010 and I rescreened it and I think like any great movie you will like this fic because that’s what it’s like… it starts off slow and you’ll really enjoy it… I think you will. I write three stories at a time right now I’m finishing (finished), “Bloodshot” in which a twist that’s probably expected will leave you shocked. I’ve started “Treasure” which is probably the first fic I’ve started using the actual LOCI format. Emphasis on the CI (Criminal Intent).

Now I have a new fic started, “Bones”, the title says all: a museum tour guide is killed in one of the museum’s bathrooms. The word bones, has a lot of meanings in which they fit in into the fic. If I can write “Bones” how I see it in my mind, I think you will think I’m still attached to “Turned”.

On May 10, 2010 I finished writing “Bloodshot”. I think the genre changes when you get in the middle of the fic but you understand why I did what I did to it by the end. This fic was rushed so if anything happened on CI since chapters 1-6 were written I’m sorry but I do the best I can. I work on three stories at a time to get to my September deadline. 

Right now, “Treasure” and “Bones” are works-in-progress but now I’ve added another fic to the belt, “Tonight”. It’s based off the 2010 NBC Tonight Show dispute between Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno except mines is when a late night talk-show host is found dead, the case leads to one of corruption. Anything that went on between Leno-O’Brien it was between them because as the line at the beginning and ending of the actual episodes and of my fics say, “The following story is fictional and does not depict any actual person or event.”

With the recent “Law & Order” cancellation news it makes me want to take on two shows. I wish TNT or USA Network would make a deal with NBC to move “Law & Order” to their networks, 20 years of broken records and we need 20 more. It’s not fair!


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