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A lot of stuff to talk about so I’ll start with what you wanna hear:

About the fanfics: Due to the recent cancellation of “Law & Order” my listing has dropped from 24 to 22 to 13 stories. If I feel a few more can be done I’ll do them but for now you’ll have to settle with 13. I’m pretty much writing all the fics this season but four or five.

My partner, Clearance Tyler is going to take over the writing by the 6th or 7th fanfic, I have issues in my personal life that keep me from writing all the fics. Clearance doesn’t have much LOCI knowlege on Goren/Eames like he does Logan/Barek/Fallaci/Wheeler but he can write a cracker jack story. Dylan (my brother, he’s 16); he and I can come up with some pretty raw crimes and he knows a lot of forensic stuff.

Right now I’m working on three fan fics, “Treasure” (the fourth-fifth chapter), “Bones” (the introduction and second chapter), and “High-Priced Murder” (the introduction). I have to take on three at once or they won’t get done on time.

Clearance will probably do two at least. He’s got “Warren Leight blood” in him so the fics will probably be personal, but I told him to tone it down until the last four fics of the season which I’m sure you will really enjoy reading.

Next subject: Do you want to write or be an executive producer of the fanfics?

Most of you probably do. Right now I’m drawing up some applications/contracts, it’s not legally binding but if you don’t follow some rules you won’t be writting or producing. We just want first name and last name, we want to know if you have a social networking website like Twitter or on the USA Network website where we can stay in touch (No e-mail addresses nessecary); it’s basically a contract more so than an application. My brother wants to drop from the producing team (an executive spot is open), he’s expecting the fanfics to fall flat but Clearance and I think they will be to par where LOCI is now.

Last subject: I’ve got Twitter: 

You’ve gotta take it one step at a time. Next places I’ll go is either the USA Network message boards or either to DeviantART, there are a lot of fanfic writers and artists there too.

Next post will be this Saturday (May 29): Executive Producer: Clearance Tyler will come over (to my house) and he’ll type up a little about himself and how he plans to turn LOCI melodramatic – I mean back into Goren and Eames. Whoops!



  1. gahks
    Posted June 9, 2010 at 7:08 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Hi Josh,

    As a UK L&O fan, I’d love to try my hand at (co-exec or exec) producing! I have been working incessantly on stories for the UK version of L&O but I’d be interested to turn them into plotlines for your virtual CI season! (Maybe extend the current season to 16 or 20, or hold them over to next season?)

    I can keep in touch by Facebook or e-mail, whichever is easier. I also have a blog of my own ( which you may want to look at!



    • mortonsloci
      Posted June 17, 2010 at 11:18 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Oh that’s great! Right now me and a few friends are roughing out a few fanfics to get a crowd to read – if I get a lot of readers then i’ll confirm a ‘second virtual season’. The first season is a trial for us to see if it can be done.

      Right now I’m drawing up an ‘application/contract’ and getting some information on it and etc. If you could get back to me by September/October 2010 when I get the fics up I’ll have it ready for you and anyone else intrested so you can help out for the ‘second virtual season’.

      I want to try to keep up with “Law & Order: Los Angeles” (which is supposed to have 13 eps the first season). I think you and others will enjoy the upcoming stories! We plan to post them September 21, 2010 when the 11th season of “SVU” comes out on DVD.

      Thanks for the offer – if I don’t get back to you – get in touch with me. I’d love to have you on the writing staff!

      – Joshua Morton

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