A Promo for Law & Order: CI fanfiction?

Folks, it’s proof positive stuff like this can be done! The internet can be a powerful and useful thing – if you’re using it for the right thing.

I asked an EricBMaxwell of YouTube create this promo for me and out of intrest in writing a fic we came to a deal. He created the promo from me – for me to let him write a story. He is assigned to a story that will also be written by Clearance and his fiance. I will not be writting it.

Right now we’re still smoothing out some edges in “Treasure” but it will be finished by the end of the upcoming week (May 31-June 4). Then we will continue with “Bones“, and the story after will be “Conclusion” and “Undercover“, which will leave you guessing. The story after will be “Not a Donor” which will kick off my brother’s writing debut and the last one he and I will both write this season. My name is on “ADA” because I started the first two chapters and stepped off the fic due to the season 9 premiere of CI, but I didn’t see the fic through.

Clearance (who’s post will be up Monday – busy weekend for us) will be writing the majority of the season and the two-part finale “Remix” may knock your socks off, i’ll give you some insight – it turns from a family slaughtering to a vicious cop killing real fast which puts a lot of things on the line for two MCS detectives. “Do any main characters get killed?” – The answer is no. But if I don’t get than many readers fics 1.12 & 1.13 (Remix Pts 1 & 2) will leave you hanging. I need some readers if they want to see the events in “Remix” unfold into the moment of truth.

Speaking of truth, ani’t it the truth that Law & Order is basically canceled for no reason? – Anyway below is a promo for the new Dick Wolf “Law & Order” series, “Law & Order: Los Angeles” – See y’all in Hollywood! Doink-Doink


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  1. LOCIfan1
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    You sound interesting – I can’t wait for your virtual season in September.

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