June 02 Update

Yeah folks it’s me with some news concerning the stories. My last story of the upcoming 13-story season will be one called “Vows” you can pretty much guess what it’s going to be about. Clearance Tyler (whom I will try to get to post something here), his girlfriend Kristen, and Eric Maxwell (who created that video-promo for me) have started on the first fic of the season finale four-part saga “Mercy” (to “Remix (Part 2)” basically wrap up this season.).

“Mercy” is about one of the Major Case Squad’s detectives getting killed (not Goren, Eames, Nichols, Stevens, Callas, or any on screen regular character). It gets personal, y’all might call Clearance ‘Warren’ because the one fic he has finished “Turned (Part 2)” is melodramatic at the end then I picked up the regular writting from “Bloodshot to “Vows“.

And then I wrote half of “Not a Donor” and the first two-chapters of “ADA“. I think the future readers will enjoy reading these stories. They migth get lost but by the end they will understand from chapters one to ten or tweleve which ever the story ends on.

We have two ripped from the headlines fanfics btw! See the main page to see which future fics they are connected to.

The planned date for the fanfics to be officially posted will be Tuesday, September 21, 2010.

Also join the forums to talk on the first story, “Turned.


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