June 09 Update

Well here we are once again update time! Not much news, I just need to shorten down a bit. We’ve mapped out how the virtual season will end (with a bang). I finished my fan-fic “Treasure” yesterday (June 8th) and are going to finish off two more that have my name on them, “Street” and “Not a Donor“; after that Clarence (not spelled Clearance – Microsoft Word) will write pretty much the remaining nine stories – Warren Leight time.

I’ll give an insight on “Treasure”, a ship’s captain is murdered, big cash payments are involved, the character Jack McCoy will be written in as the DA (yet acting as if he was the EADA) which we won’t see his character anymore until close to the end of the virtual season. The ADA and Goren get into it and the ending will leave you breathless. The story was almost a cliffhanger (before the trials verdict, to keep you guessing the verdict could have been either way) but I decided to finish it off. I’m not keen on writing the stories so close to Goren and Eames’s lives but this one turned out that way, I want to keep the reader’s guessing and hoping to see what happens next. And the two-part virtual season finale (“Remix“) will really start raking in a reading audience according to Clarence (who wrote it, typing it.).

Here are two quotes from “Treasure”:

Eames said, “So he knew his killer.”

“Who found out he was killed anyway?” Goren asked.

That’s all I’m willing to give, the rest you’ll have to wait for until September!
As well as new SVU and LA!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJ43m3F6TLo –
NBC’s – Law & Order: Los Angeles (promo)!


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