June 19 Update

I’m sorry about the background here, I’m trying to work a table with it and it won’t work but with your basic layout.

I’ve got a few people who are ready to help us write! I’m glad. I need to get up a application/contract before I can do anything with anyone. I’m asking to let me get a jump start on the stories about two weeks into weekly posting I’ll start drawing out an application. If the stats show people are reading the stories – you may have a job. I’ll tell you now I’ll be looking for two EPs (executive producers), my brother wants out and he’s tired of watching crime dramas trying to get ideas. I mostly need a few on/off writers though.

And for those who just want to read them we’ve gotten 4 finished and 4 half-way finished = 8 and we’re still working on the other 5. The reason why the stories dropped to thirteen is because it’s easier for us and we wanted to follow the latest L&O series on NBC, which now is Los Angeles which will be on for 13 episodes itself.

I’ll give you two lines for the two-part premiere, “Turned“:


Det. Nichols stated, “It doesn’t seem like drugs to me.” Nichols looked at the bodies before searching inside the car. “We got a soda in the drink box and a box of not to old popcorn on the floor, so they must have been to the movies last night.”

“So then they have car problems, and someone drives by, and shoots them.” Det. Stevens said.


There you go, I’ll let you guys rumble that one around in your brain! Where are Goren and Eames? – Trust me they’re there. Right now I’m working on my last story for the season, “Street” and it’s going pretty good to me. It’s about this sniper who shoots this unarmed woman, no one knows who it is or why. Clarence Tyler (whose name is spelling ‘clearance’ – Microsoft Word) is working on “Conclusion“, “Mercy“, and “ADA“, I haven’t seen them so I can’t tell you what goes on in them – I stepped off of “ADA” due to my personal life – Clarence took over writing in the second or third chapter. “ADA” was originally planned to be the second posted story, “Bloodshot” the first; the ninth season premiere episode “Loyalty” changed that.

The season premiere is planned to be posted September 21, 2010 at 9PM/8PM Central. SVU’s season 11 DVD comes out on that date as well – which means SVU’s and LOLA season premiere’s will be on September 22, 2010; SVU at 9PM/8PM Central and LA at 10PM/9PM Central on NBC.


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