Written Promo for fanfiction?

This is sort of a written promo for you to enjoy until the season premiere in September. Sounds epic, doesn’t it. In case you are wonder who the guy is Nichols and Goren are in a beef with it’s a member of the NYPD brass (not the cheif of Ds). I’ve got to quit wanting to spoil. It’ll be a while until you get one, story wise.

This September,

The SWAT team kicked in a door and yelled, “POLICE!” Goren and Eames following along with the members of the SWAT team. (“Turned (Part 2)”)

Outside a murders house.

Criminal Intent will be back with all new stories…

Nichols said to a guy, “You trying to solicit a detective?” (“Turned (Part 1)”)

Defense attorney Sophie Devere yelled to the trial judge, “The people have no evidence of any kind to place my client under these charges.” (“Turned (Part 2)”)

Nichols is in a strip club, Devere in a courtroom.

A woman was being interrogated by Eames, “What is it going to take for you people to believe me! I KILLED NO–” she stopped in mid sentence before falling out of her chair; she had stopped breathing. (“Bloodshot”)


There is only one word to describe why this season…

Eames said walking out of the interrogation room, “You really want to help Bobby? Leave him alone.” (“Bloodshot”)

District Attorney Jack McCoy said, “She OD’d to get off 8 murders.” (“Bloodshot”)

In an office.


Won’t be like anything you will ever see on television…

In the squad room, Nichols turned around and faced the man saying, “You son of a bitch!” and then shook and jacked him up and shoved him into a nearby wall; a couple of officers and Goren and Stevens trying to pull Nichols off of Tucker.

Captain Callas yelled out, “Hey, HEY!” (“Turned (Part 2)“)

In a hallway of the courthouse a bunch of people were running and yelling out. Some people yelling out, “NO, NO, NO, NO!”


Four gunshots went off. Goren and Eames ran out, guns ready. (“Treasure”)

In the courtroom the man was saying, “Nichols this is not over, this is far from over.” The man said before saying, “I know about you too Goren, the psycho cop; what they let you back in? Nobody else to call?”

Goren looked at him, cocked his head to the side and jacked him up. Eames grabbed Goren, “Bobby.” (“Turned (Part 2)”)



A man was on top of a building setting up a sniper rifle.


He took a random shot below which caused people to duck and cover, run in stores, crawl under cars, run loose, people were wondering where the shot came from. (“Street”)

Someone opened a garbage dumpster where a lady was stripped naked; cut, bruised, nailed, stapled, and hot glued to the dumpster lid. (“ADA”)

BOOM! A huge explosion goes off. (“Bloodshot”)

A woman grabbed a towel off the top of the shower door and covered herself; she opened the shower door… “AHHHHH!” she screeched.


Her shooter shot her twice and then ran out of her bathroom and then out of the house. (“Turned (Part 2)”)

“Great.” Eames said looking at the bloody crime scene. (“Street”)

A new virtual season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent kicks-off this September here:http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1808736/


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