EW’s Popwatch talks In Plain Sight finale!

‘In Plain Sight’ season finale: Give us a kiss | EW.com

Entertainment Weekly’s PopWatch talks the famous In Plain Sight season finale kiss!

Strippers! More strippers! A priest? That gangster has a crazy beard. Uh oh, somebody’s gonna get shot. Hey, someone got shot!” That’s the first three minutes of last night’s In Plain Sight finale in a nutshell. The WITSEC plotline was fun: a priest witnesses a murder, suffers a minor-key crisis of faith, chats with agnostic Mary about faith and belief and all that jam. (As part of his new identity, the priest worked as a bartender. This led Mary to joke that he used to offer absolution, and now he offers Absolut. Hey, Mary McCormack made it sound funny.) Of course, the real fun came in the last few minutes of the episode: romantic yearning, a kiss, and a tropical sunset…(SPOILERS AHEAD)

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Personally, I think the kiss between Faber (Weber) and Shannon (McCormack) was a bit much for them. He’s only made two previous guest appearances and he left after each one. If he and Shannon would have had something going long term, I’d be cool with it. Like Mary and Marshall (Weller), I thought Marhsall was going to confess his feelings for Mary, but I guess not.

I like Mike/Mary pairing a little bit (or as fans will call it Miry; Michael Faber/Mary Shannon). Season 4? – No word is out, rumors say the show is in negotiations. We’ll know more likley by the end of July into August. I hope they renew In Plain Sight! (Fingers crossed).


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