July 4 Update

Happy Fourth of July all!

I’m against coming in and updating on holidays but there is no time like the present. Just got home from visiting with the close family and the distant family.  I’m finishing my fanfic “Street” which has a surprising twist – which may get you lost.

Clarence said he tried to tweet with his phone but got nothing, so he sent it to me by txt; he said. “[…]Law & Order: CI on television is overated and the fans’s rage IS personal. No one would blame USA Network and NBCU if they decided to end the seires at episode 9.16 (Inhumane Society, ?) I know what we’ve got written is probably some of the best writing CI has had in a long time, an we’re just amateurs!” – Clarence Tyler

Which he’s right. We barely know our left hands from our rights and we think we write so much better than Walon Green and his messed up crew. Walon Green did fantastic work on the Mothership (Law & Order), why did he get on Criminal Intent and mess up, this is past the D’Onofrio/Erbe cast bust. Anyway…

Gahk’s, “Law & Order: United Kingdom” is now on hold for a midseason order – turns out production for writing is just now beginning. Clarence, I, and a few friends started in January and we’ve finished (4) 11(written/started) /13. But as I told Gahk’s, as long as it gets done by the deadline date (which won’t be Sept. 20, likely January 3rd or 10th) .

  • Question: If “Law & Order: Los Angeles” is ordered a full season 22-24 episodes, then what?

    Answer: I speak for CI when I say it will get the same order – we are prepared to deliver the best we can. As is Gahk’s for UK, it just takes time.

Especially when you have 7 writers who gets writers block in the middle of a story. Which we are down to 4 part-time writers: Clarence Tyler (full-time) Two close friends (one his girlfriend, one mine), Eric Maxwell, and another friend of ours who will be writing a ripped-from-the-headlines story for CI “High-Priced Murder“. My brother and I jumped off the bandwagon ; he has better things to do. I have personal life (job, college, parents, gf, etc.) so it constricts my time. I am the Cheif Executive Producer (showrunner) of this though. I make sure the stories aren’t too boring or too melodramatic.

Eric Maxwell wants to jump off the bandwagon because he’s got a life beyond writing for CI too. So from October-January 2011; we’ll should have a full time writing team. We’ll have an application/contract for those who would like to help. (We’ll let you know in September-October)

  • Storywise:
  • I have written half of my last full story “Street“.
  • Clarence Tyler is finishing; “Conclusion” and “Mercy” about to start on “Undercover” by the middle/end of the week of (July 5-July9).
  • The order remains at 13.
  • We have video promo on Youtube, feel free to check it out: click here.

Again, Happy Fourth of July!


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