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I’m against late night posting because it’s after midnight here and some places it’s 10PM other’s 2AM. Some places 6AM and 12PM. But here it’s after midnight. I thought I would give you a sample of how the table here looks before it was posted there. Nice colors aren’t they? This is what I call a production/episode table.

You can see who’s doing what, when, where, and why. The story titles, the posting date, the production codes to see which order they are produced in. Notice my name is not there after story number 5 (“Street“) in which I’m writing right now. I’m being the Cheif EP/Showrunner if you would. But next (planned) season I will be there with the future writing staff. You could say I was lazy this season, it kinda is. The Prod. Codes with ? – means we have not stared those yet. It’s a slim chance that I might help write the season finale with Clarence, a very slim chance.

Notice at the bottom number 4 reads, “Production Code CIFF102 (“ADA”) was deleted due to a production slack on July 4, 2010.” It basically means I started on it and let Clarence try to finish it, which he couldn’t do because the story was an off base story. Basically a case of ‘production slack’, I suppose I could have done better with it.

My stories get better after “Turned (Part 1)“. I honestly think you’ll like how the season starts and you’ll be shocked by the way it ends (“Remix“). From a family slaughtering to a cop killing. Warren Leight would be proud of Clarence Tyler!

As the table says, the season premiere is planned for September 21, 2010 8PM/7c at: Trust me this season is going to be a killer! Stay tuned.


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