Law & Order Possibly Revived by AMC

AMC Investigates Reviving Law & Order — Vulture

AMC has already shown its propensity for zombies with its upcoming thriller series The Walking Dead. And now comes word that the network has shown some interest in another stumbling corpse: Law & Order. Sources tell Vulture that the home to groundbreaking hours Mad Men and Breaking Bad has approached NBC Universal about the possibility of producing new episodes of Dick Wolf’s long-running and recently canceled drama. The high price associated with making Wolf’s show means that any AMC deal is a long shot, but the fact that conversations have taken place at all is a sign that, even after two decades, the original L&O still might not be ready for burial. […]

Enter AMC, which in recent weeks quietly approached NBC Universal to inquire about just how much money would be needed to produce original episodes. While $3 million an episode isn’t an outrageous sum for a broadcast show — particularly one as old as L&O — AMC execs would have to swallow hard before agreeing to pay that high a price, says a person familiar with cable-industry economic models. Right now, the network reportedly shells out in the neighborhood of $30 million per year (or around $2.5 million per episode) for Men and Bad. And given how much effort and money AMC has invested in establishing its brand as the home to edgy, unique series, it seems hard to imagine the network spending a big chunk of its budget on a show that’s so familiar, not to mention so ubiquitous (airing on NBC, TNT, USA, and local TV stations). Click here to read the full article.

I hope the original series is revived. It was wrong how NBC just basically rushed the series to cancellation, especially while it was trying to break records! The show still maintained it original high quality after 20 years, it was starting to pick back up in the ratings! I hope NBC, Dick Wolf, and AMC can strike a deal.

If Law & Order: Criminal Intent was canceled then Walon Green (executive producer) can go back to focusing on the mothership series where his writing excelled! He did excellent work when he was showrunning the series in it’s early days!



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    Come on AMC! Do the honourable thing!

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      THEY NEED TO\!

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      Ah thank you for stopping by, I will try to keep you entertained here and in the future, lol!

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