July 18 Update

Well just a lot of good news here from my end. Clarence Tyler just finished writing “Conclusion” tonight and let’s say serial killers around the holidays- when boundaries are placed by the detectives on the case they might just get away with murder. This story is based on the season six episode “The War At Home”.

This is really a Christmas-New Years story; it’s very dramatic – written in the style of Rene Balcer and Warren Leight; minus the personal lives of Goren and Eames. It will either be posted in October-November or be used as a season break (“Fall Finale”); however “Law  & Order: Los Angeles” (which is set to premiere September 29th due to casting issues) does if it gets an episode order or stays at 13 episodes and a long season break. It all depends on our end too – we’ve only got one main writer this season;

Clarence Tyler and he’s trying his best to make the first virtual season an enjoyable one. Will draw up a contract/application for writers for a second virtual season (pending the readers this season) by September.

I’ve created a new promo:

I think it does the show justice, I’ll give a hint: NBC 2006-2007 Network TV season!

Quick recap:

  • I’m still finishing what’s set to be my list story of this virtual season “Street“.
  • Clarence Tyler (just finished “Conclusion“) is still writing “Mercy” and is about to start on two more “Childhood” and “Undercover” (which uncovers a side of Eames we and Goren rarely see)
  • A question probably is why do I need a ‘repeat’ for fanfiction stories? – It’s more of a secondary source… to some reading a story in a better internet setting.
  • Another question whould be do I intend on getting back on my writing team if I order another 9-11 stories? – More than likely, may hire part-time writers who I know personally, all depends on if my close friends want to do a whole season.
  • Another would be why was the story table for CI cleared expect for the first two stories? – Scheduling, I may post a story out of order (sorry, if it’s how the season fits).
  • Another would be what is the season finale about? – Not telling much; Clarence is writing so it should be interesting; I might hop on the wagon and help him write it.
  • Another question is can we get a line or two from a current full written story? – Yeah (look below)

Law & Order: Criminal Intent; Conclusion” written by: Clarence Tyler

Goren asked Rodgers, “What the hell happened to him?”

“Somebody tried to pierce his heart but that’s not how he died; it’s how he suffered.” Rodgers said pointing to a spot on his head, “He died from the gunshot wound to the head; staged to make it look like he had fallen out a window.”

“Damn.” Eames swore.

Callas sighed.

Season Premiere – Tuesday September 21st and 8PM/7c at: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1808736/


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  1. gahks
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    Can you build in the proposed CI/UK crossover into this season, or would you rather hold it over?

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