Alfred Molina cast for Law & Order: Los Angeles as Deputy District Attorney Peter Morales

Alfred Molina To Star In ‘Law & Order: LA’ – 

Alfred Molina has joined Skeet Ulrich on NBC’s upcoming Law & Order spinoff, Law & Order: Los Angeles. He will play Deputy D.A. Morales. “I am thrilled that Fred is LOLA’s Deputy D.A.,” creator-executive producer Dick Wolf said. “He joins a remarkable list of some of America’s greatest character actors like Sam Waterson, Vincent D’Onofrio, Jeff Goldblum, Steven Hill, Dianne Wiest  and Michael Moriarity as stars of the Law & Order-branded series.”

Ulrich was previously tapped to play Detective Rex Winters, one of the two detectives at the center of the crime procedural. Production on LOLA is slated to begin on Aug. 2 for a Sept. 22 premiere (though other sources put the premiere at Sept 29 – it’s a wait-and-see). […]

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The casting so far is coming along other than Jericho’s Skeet Ulrich we have Alfred Molina palying a kick-ass DDA! What more could a diehard “Law & Order” fan ask for? – We’ll find out before Aug 2. Two down – Three to go. I hate some fans of “Law & Order” want “LOLA” to flunk, it’s the same show just based in Los Angeles! What happens when (if) the mothership is renewed then what, you’ll watch LA then? PISS POOR REASON TO WATCH LA WHEN/IF L&O IS RENEWED!

Besides if we don’t watch LOLA the damn franchise is shot to hell! CI and SVU already are and you know it!



  1. gahks
    Posted July 26, 2010 at 5:23 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I couldn’t agree with you more Josh. ‘L&O’ diehards are letting their personal grudges get in the way of what could be a successful series.

    • mortonsloci
      Posted July 26, 2010 at 5:40 pm | Permalink | Reply

      And it’s a shame… L&O: LA seems like it’ll be pretty good for and L&O in LA! And fans of NYC are turning it down – to me it’s childish and selfish. If poor Rene Balcer knew what some of his fans were saying!

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