Law & Order: Atlanta (Major Crimes Unit)

As the title says Law & Order: Atlanta. It’s sort of a spinoff-idea of Criminal Intent in fan fiction. I got inspired by Law & Order: SVU and LA for this spinoff idea more so than CI and L&O.

Fanmade logo. 2010. NBC/Dick Wolf, Law & Order

It’s going to be revolved around Atlanta, Georgia’s Major Crimes (in which the show may take on that title). 

Atlanta Police Department | Major Crimes Section

The Major Crimes Division solves cases in different precincts (as Law & Order/LA, SVU, and CI). Major Crimes has; a Homicide Unit (murders), a Special Victims Unit (sex crimes), a Fugitive Unit (look for fugitives), a Central Investigations Unit (various theft and fraud [check/credit]), and a School Detectives Unit (solve local school crimes in the area).

In my fanfiction universe it’s not going to be just all of those wrapped into one precinct…  i.e. the Major Crimes Unit (which may take on that name instead of Law & Order: Atlanta).

I’ll give some better insight:
(Opening narration) “In the Criminal Justice System, the Major Crimes Unit’s dedicated detectives solve some of the most heinous crimes; fugitive apprehension, theft, rape, and homicide; this is Atlanta… and these are their stories.” [Law & Order Sound]
The stories will start out in the cold open, lead-in of the show usually was a slice of life in Atlanta (walking a dog on the streets of Fulton County, driving down Interstate 285, etc.) unrelated to the main story until the character(s) in the scene suddenly discover, witness, or become victims of a crime (usually a murder/rape). Sometimes it will be a scene that will show a short scene of the murder victim in his/her last hours and then suddenly cut to the police investigating the dead body. The scene cuts to the police’s preliminary crime scene examination wherein the featured detectives make their first observations and proffer theories followed by a witticism or two, before the title sequence (none here, no cast) begins.
It basically follows the original Law & Order; the police are represented in the show by the police captain of Atlanta’s fictional Major Crimes unit and four homicide/sex crimes detectives, two senior partners and two junior partners. The detectives investigate the crime (homicide, sex crime, fraud, school crime, fugitive apprehension), collect evidence and interview witnesses, then regularly report to the captain. The evidence leads to the arrest of one or more suspects. The matter then is taken over by the prosecutors of the Fulton County District Attorney’s office, comprising the executive assistant district attorney (ADA) and an assistant prosecutor, who answer to the district attorney. They discuss deals, prepare the witnesses and evidence, and conduct the people’s case in the trial. The detectives and prosecutors work with the medical examiner’s office, the crime laboratory, and psychiatrists from the police and district attorney offices.
It also will follow what Law & Order calls, ripped from the headlines stories. Often the plot of an initial portion of an episode resembles a recognizable aspect of an actual case. It will take real life cases as inspiration but diverge more from the facts. Often this will be done by increasing the severity of the crime in question, usually by adding a murder. This “ripped from the headlines” theme is reflected in the opening lines that evolves from newspaper halftones to high-resolution photos. The rest of the plot, however, usually diverges significantly from the actual events that may have inspired the episode. Promotional advertisements of episodes with close real-life case parallels often use the “ripped from the headlines” phrase, although a textual disclaimer, within the actual episode, emphasizes that the story and characters are fictional. This format lends itself to exploring different outcomes or motives that similar events could have had under other circumstances.
We will not go too far with “ripped from the headlines stories“, because sometimes it’s nice to tap into something original to work with. Season premieres, season breaks, and season finale’s will not be ripped from the headlines because 9/10 they will be character driven… the rest of the season will not be, I assure followers of that.
The pilot:
Right now wheels are turning in my head for the pilot story. It’s untitled right now but it’s going to be a thriller, I promise you. First I need to get the main characters, look up more information (for Atlanta), and then hire a writing staff in January 2011 to be ready for September 2011 when this is set to kick off. It will spin off from the season finale of my Law & Order: Criminal Intent fan fiction in May 2011.
More info will be released soon as it will become available.
Law & Order: Atlanta (Major Crimes Unit) will be featured at this blog:


  1. gahks
    Posted August 9, 2010 at 5:41 am | Permalink | Reply

    Talk about using ‘dramatic licence’: rolling the cases covered by several different units into one!

    I think Rene would like this idea. 😉 I can see this going a bit more ‘CI’ or ‘Criminal Minds’ style than the other ‘L&O’ series.

  2. gahks
    Posted August 9, 2010 at 5:49 am | Permalink | Reply

    Perhaps this could even be a combination of all three series: ‘Law & Order’ in the basic format, ‘SVU’ in the investigation of sex crimes and the larger police cohort and ‘CI’ in a perhaps more psychological insight into the crime in certain episodes.

    Question: what made you choose Atlanta as the setting? How different is it from, say, Los Angeles or New York? Which unique aspects of the location would you stylistically and thematically emphasise?

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