Marcia Gay Harden returns to Law & Order: SVU

TV Guide: Keck’s Exclusives: Marcia Gay Harden Returns to SVU

On August 11, 2010; TV Guide reported that actress Marcia Gay Harden would return to Law & Order: SVU as FBI Agent Dana Lewis in the season’s eighth episode; Harden last appeared on the series in the season 8 premiere “Informed,” when the SVU investigated a terrorist cell.

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Marcia Gay Harden retuns – something big must be happening this season! SVU returns September 22nd, at 9PM/8c and 10PM/9c on NBC.


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  1. gahks
    Posted August 14, 2010 at 7:45 am | Permalink | Reply

    Marcia Gay Harden was intelligent casting! I hadn’t even heard of her until I saw ‘Raw,’ a very disturbing but excellent episode and she put it a heavyweight, top-class performance.(Even if I did have to turn on the DVD subtitles to understand what Lewis was saying, with her thick southern accent…) This compares favourably to the recent choice of Sharon Stone, which had ‘bad casting’ written all over it (facepalm).

    Look forward to hearing more about Harden’s return!

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