August 15 Update

Here it is 7PM on August 15! We’ve got a lot of MAJOR updates! I know if you’ve been following we have created a new Law & Order spinoff in fanfiction, set in Altanta: Law & Order: Atlanta/Major Crimes Unit (the name is still being chosen). I bet you’re wondering what’s going on with Law & Order: CI. The actual series is in Limbo (rumors say cancellation/2 additonal episodes/an eight episode 10th season/Chris Noth or D’Onofrio returns, etc.), the fanfiction series is still going, just on hiatus.

  • I finished “Street” which has now been renamed to “Altruistic“.
  • Clarence Tyler, his girlfriend, and Eric Maxwell of YouTube have just finished writing “Mercy” (which is really good btw!). 
  • Conclusion” is done as well (written by Clarence) which is also very good.
  • I am writing two new fics called “Bait and Diamonds” for the Nichols/Stevens team. And the other is “Room Service” (no spoilers).
  • Clarence, his girlfriend, and I are writing a personal story from our POV called, “Nine Years War“.
  • The season premiere for us has been moved to January 2011. Thanks USA Network.

For fans of the character Eames you’ll like the story called “Altruistic“, she’s the ‘big gun’ in the interrogation room. The heat also turns up between the new ADA and Goren starting with “Treasure” and ending in “Altruistic“. I still leave the writting team though, let Clarence ‘wow’ the readers. The first stories; “Turned” (both parts) and “Bloodshot” start off slow but you understand by the end of the season!

  • Can we get a line or two from a current full written story? – Yeah (look below)

Law & Order: Criminal Intent; Altruistic” written by: Joshua Morton

Detective Eames just walked up to the scene. “Good morning Brennan.” She said.

CSU Tech Brennan looked up, “Good morning detective… your partner’s been eying this scene since he got called here.”

“Who is it?” Eames asked.

She and Brennan walked to the scene, “No ID, but I’m guessing 28 years old. A shop owner named Oren Wills saw her when he came in to open up this morning. He touched a trash bag with blood on it and he’s upset… we’re getting his prints, so when we compare DNA off the bag, it’ll exclude him from this scene.”

“This isn’t where she was killed.” Goren said standing up from smelling her body.

“How did she smell?” Eames asked.

Goren replied, “Of latex somewhat and paint thinner.”

“We have no idea where she was killed.” Brennan said going through her pockets, “But we may find her ID and type of car in DMV records.” Brennan bagged the keys and handed them to one of his techs. “Uh, gunshot wound to the head… I’m guessing that’s what killed her… your M.E. may know otherwise.”

“She’s dressed… nicely.” Goren said.

Eames deduced, “Maybe she was expecting company or going on a date?”

“Brennan can you canvass the area… see if anyone’s noticed a body dumped.” Goren said.

“My guys are already on it, some came back already with dead ends.” Brennan said.

Goren asked, “The keys… what were they too?”

“A Toyota Camry, over the year 2005.” Brennan said. Goren and Eames stared at Brennan, “I brought my sister a car… and got bankrupt.”

Goren and Eames smiled and looked over at Oren Wills who was sitting in a police car rubbing his hands. Goren and Eames walked over to him. Eames asked, “Mr. Wills, was the body like that when you came in this morning?” He kept rubbing his hands.

Goren asked, “It was a lot of blood wasn’t it?”

He nervously started to talk, “T-t-too much.”

“Take your time Mr. Wills.” Eames said.

Wills took a moment and said, “I-I came in this morning. Parking my car. I saw a trash bag in the streets… thought it was kids… when I went to throw it away… … … I SAW THE BODY!” he screamed.

Goren and Eames looked at him.

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