Replace “Law & Order: CI” with a Miami based “Law & Order”

Dick Wolf really f***ed up big this time! When he drew up a contract with TNT (which wont expire until 2012-2013) to air repeats of original “Law & Order” episodes, let “Law & Order: CI” go to USA Network in 2007, promise and then renig that “Law & Order” would be renewed for a 21st season due to the TNT contract (plus other factors), REPLACE Law & Order” with “Law & Order: Los Angeles“, and now let “CI’s” writing crew take the show down (which it would have anyway with the departure of Chris Noth, then Julianne Nicholson, and then Vincent D’Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe, and Eric Bogosian depart! More recently Jeff Goldblum (and possibly Saffron Burrows and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) has departed after opting out to renew his contract for another season.

The Mothership and it’s second spinoff series have gone through hell since the end of 2009 and beginning of 2010 if you ask me and Dick Wolf CAN’T ignore this! You know he can’t if he has this back-up plan to play ‘take away and give back’, “Law & Order” (being take away) and “Law & Order: Los Angeles” (being give back).

If “Law & Order: CI” really is up to the ‘cancellation plate’, I think USA Network should be the ones to run a replacement “Law & Order” series for it. NOT NBC! And as I said, “Dick Wolf CAN’T ignore this!” – I could see if “L&O” wasn’t replaced but it is, thus ‘turnabout is fairplay’ comes into effect! Below:

USA Network Project – Law & Order: Miami

Someone has already done this and so far has results (minimal as they may be). I think it’s worth a shot but we all need to tread lightly, we don’t need fans of “L&O” and “CI” to be pitted together… more like working together on this. All fans have to do is talk and let Dick Wolf (and this fan lists Matt Nix (“Burn Notice“) to run the ‘new petitioned’ “Law & Order” series) listen.

I’m going to follow this guy, I agree with him about 94%!
I’m leaving my followers the choice to do this.


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  1. gahks
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    I think it’s worth a shot, as “Law & Order: Miami” would be a better fit for USA than “CI.” I do worry, however, that Dick is going down the “CSI” route… couldn’t he be a bit more imaginative? Say, “Law & Order: Federal Investigation”? 😉

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