Law & Order: LA – An Advantage for Stage Actors?

The LA Times – BC’s ‘Law & Order: Los Angeles’ could be a boon to local stage actors

It’s not every TV series that can count itself a close friend of struggling theater actors.

During its 20-year run, NBC’s “Law & Order” provided countless New York stage actors with a paycheck, employing them in bit parts, supporting roles and guest appearances.

The series came to be regarded among stage thespians as a rite of passage: spend years building up your theater credentials, get cast in an episode of “Law & Order” and finally be able to pay your rent on time.

The recent launch of “Law & Order: Los Angeles,” which starts airing on NBC in late September, means that Southern California theater actors will have a shot at working in the popular TV franchise for the first time. But in a city filled with TV veterans, will stage performers be able to compete for space on the show’s casting couch? “Law & Order” tradition of tapping into the theater community to populate the series’ supporting ranks. They said local stage talent offers them something they can’t get elsewhere — fresh faces that viewers haven’t seen in umpteen other series.

Although it’s still early — shooting for the first season began in August — some of the show’s top brass have said that they intend to continue the

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You know that new face you see on a “Law & Order” episode and you see that same star again as a different character later in the season or the following season(s)! I’m interested in seeing how many theater actors/actresses we will see on “Law & Order: Los Angeles” that we haven’t seen anywhere else!

So the “Law & Order: LA” season premiere is September 29th at 10PM/9PMc on NBC.


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