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Law & Order: Atlanta (Major Crimes Unit)

As the title says Law & Order: Atlanta. It’s sort of a spinoff-idea of Criminal Intent in fan fiction. I got inspired by Law & Order: SVU and LA for this spinoff idea more so than CI and L&O. Fanmade logo. 2010. NBC/Dick Wolf, Law & Order It’s going to be revolved around Atlanta, Georgia’s […]

Law & Order: CI – In Limbo

I need everyone who will read this to pay attention. With the recent news of Jeff Goldblum leaving the cast of Law & Order: CI and the show reaching cancellation… I need to push my post date for the CI fanfiction up as well. I talked to my brother and my other executive producer (Clarence […]

July 4 Update

Happy Fourth of July all! I’m against coming in and updating on holidays but there is no time like the present. Just got home from visiting with the close family and the distant family.¬† I’m finishing my fanfic “Street” which has a surprising twist – which may get you lost. Clarence said he tried to […]

Law & Order: UK picked up, NCIS: NY on hold

Like the title says, Law & Order: United Kingdom (or Law & Order: London) is picked up and my idea for an NCIS: New York is on hold. I’ve just picked up Gahks’s version of Law & Order: UK. For now my CI¬†stories and Gahk’s UK are ordered for a 13 story virtual season. Depending […]