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Law & Order: LA and Law & Order: SVU – “Justice” (promo)

So now NBC’s got a promo for “Law & Order: Los Angeles” (West Coast) and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” (East Coast) which leaves the question… What coast of justice are you a fan of? – At the moment I’m a fan of BOTH coasts myself! Watch the promo below or here ( to get […]

Law & Order: Miami trends Google

(Click image to enlarge) Here’s something interesting, since this guy started this ‘movement’ to get a “Law & Order: Miami” to replace “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” on USA Network, it trends Google search engines. Something I just wanted to post.

Replace “Law & Order: CI” with a Miami based “Law & Order”

Dick Wolf really f***ed up big this time! When he drew up a contract with TNT (which wont expire until 2012-2013) to air repeats of original “Law & Order” episodes, let “Law & Order: CI” go to USA Network in 2007, promise and then renig that “Law & Order” would be renewed for a 21st season […]

Law & Order: SVU – Mariska Hargitay to shoot on West coast

‘Law & Order: SVU’ To Shoot On West Coast | Access Hollywood A source revealed to Access Hollywood on Tuesday that later this month, an episode of the New York City based crime drama will be shot on the West Coast for the first time in show’s history. The episode will focus on an investigation […]

August 15 Update

Here it is 7PM on August 15! We’ve got a lot of MAJOR updates! I know if you’ve been following we have created a new Law & Order spinoff in fanfiction, set in Altanta: Law & Order: Atlanta/Major Crimes Unit (the name is still being chosen). I bet you’re wondering what’s going on with Law & […]

Marcia Gay Harden returns to Law & Order: SVU

TV Guide: Keck’s Exclusives: Marcia Gay Harden Returns to SVU On August 11, 2010; TV Guide reported that actress Marcia Gay Harden would return to Law & Order: SVU as FBI Agent Dana Lewis in the season’s eighth episode; Harden last appeared on the series in the season 8 premiere “Informed,” when the SVU investigated […]

Law & Order: (Atlanta) Major Crimes Unit – “Harassment” (planned pilot)

Law & Order: (Atlanta) Major Crimes Unit – “Harassment” (planned pilot) Click link above to read article.

Law & Order: Atlanta (Major Crimes Unit)

As the title says Law & Order: Atlanta. It’s sort of a spinoff-idea of Criminal Intent in fan fiction. I got inspired by Law & Order: SVU and LA for this spinoff idea more so than CI and L&O. Fanmade logo. 2010. NBC/Dick Wolf, Law & Order It’s going to be revolved around Atlanta, Georgia’s […]

Megan Boone cast for Law & Order: Los Angeles as Deputy District Attorney Lauren Gardner

Megan Boone Joins ‘Law & Order: Los Angeles’ – Megan Boone has joined the cast of NBC’s new drama series Law & Order: Los Angeles as a regular. She will play a new DDA, tentatively named Lauren Gardner. Originally there was supposed to be one DDA on the series. But when the ADA duties were split […]

Law & Order: CI – In Limbo

I need everyone who will read this to pay attention. With the recent news of Jeff Goldblum leaving the cast of Law & Order: CI and the show reaching cancellation… I need to push my post date for the CI fanfiction up as well. I talked to my brother and my other executive producer (Clarence […]